A flat roof looks and functions very differently from a traditional sloped roof. While a flat roof is not designed to be a water-shedding system, it can still protect your home from leaks and severe weather. Many Maryland homeowners use a flat roof to accommodate a roof deck. If you have questions about permitting or other concerns, contact EC Roofing by calling 410-455-9880.

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A flat roof is structurally simpler than a pitched (pointed) roof. This type of roof is made of rubber roofing materials covered by fine gravel. While some Maryland homeowners attempt to apply this material themselves, they soon learn that this material is messy and difficult to apply. 

Flat Roof Framing

The framing of a flat roof looks more like a floor framing than a pitched roof’s framing. Unlike floors, flat roofs are not parallel to the ground. A better name for a flat roof would be a low-slope roof because they need to slope at least a quarter of an inch per foot to prevent and eliminate standing water. There are a few ways to achieve this small slope, including:

  • Sloping joists (if the ceiling below does not need to be level)
  • Installing trusses with a built-in slope
  • Adding shims to the top of the joists
  • Adding tapered rigid insulation to the top of the sheathing
  • Tapered or oversized joists
  • Scabbing sloped rafters alongside level ceiling joists

When installing a flat roof, it is important to consider insulation and ventilation. In a flat roof, the joists are level–or almost completely level–and support the ceiling below and the live loads above. Connections to the walls are like those used for flooring. When used as floors, the structure of a flat roof may be a joist system, a girder system, or a truss system. Blocking and bridging must be considered at the appropriate locations. 

Replacing or Repairing an Existing Flat Roof

If you have a building with an existing flat roof, the installation process is more streamlined and efficient than if you started from scratch. Flat roof installation, in this case, involves removing and replacing the existing materials. In flat roof replacement, we can upgrade to higher quality products that allow for better drainage and better durability.

Type of Flat Roof Installation Options

EC Roofing offers a variety of flat roof installation options. A professional roofer can determine which will work best for your home based on the existing structure and your personal preferences. Flat roof installation options include the following:

  • Built-Up Roof (BUR): This type of roof is a traditional hot-tar and gravel roof. It is less commonly used today because some of the materials are difficult to replace. 
  • Modified Bitumen Roof: This type of roof works with a single-ply rolled roof. It has a mineral-based wear surface that allows for easier installation and a better overall ability to deflect heat.
  • Rubber Membrane Roof: This type of roof is used on low slopes, often in commercial settings or for garages and sunrooms. 

Finding a Maryland Flat Top Roofer

If you are considering home renovations, EC Roofing offers solutions for many home improvement dilemmas. A few of these include:

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If you are considering having work done on your roof, a professional roofer can offer the warranties and services to keep your home protected for years to come. Our team is happy to answer any of your questions about a flat roof replacement. For flat roof installation near Howard County, put your trust in EC Roofing. You can reach us online or call 410-455-9880 for help.