a home with Wood SidingMost types of wood can be used as solid plank siding. This includes cedar, fir, redwood, cypress, spruce, pine, and hemlock. Redwood siding, in particular, is very durable and weather-resistant. Unpainted redwood siding will darken season by season to a deep gray-brown color. If you have questions about siding installation for your home, contacting EC Roofing by calling 410-455-9880

Solid Wood Siding

Solid wood siding comes in plenty of styles for horizontal and vertical applications. This includes beveled, dropped, and beaded planks for horizontal sidings and v-groove, tongue-and-groove, board-and-batten, for vertical sidings. Beveled horizontal wood siding is one of the most popular of all solid wood exterior wall coverings for Maryland homes because it nicely complements most architectural styles. It consists of longboards. This material is available in varying thicknesses and widths with beveled edges and tapered to exaggerate the deep, long horizontal shadows lines at the lower edges of the planks that help characterize a dwelling’s appearance. The individual boards are usually installed over sheathing and building paper secured through them to studs of the exterior wall. Corners are usually covered with either metal corner pieces or wooden corner boards. The thickness of these corner boards should be at least one inch to provide a substantial caulking base. 

Plywood Siding

Plywood siding is a popular choice because it comes in many varieties of wood and patterns. Costs of plywood siding vary depending on quality. Only exterior types of plywood should be used as siding. Their layers of veneer are bonded with waterproof glue, which makes them ideal for withstanding the elements. Plywood panels are manufactured in 4-foot widths and between 8- and 12-foot lengths. Due to its size and ease of installation, installing plywood siding helps hold down labor costs. If you are planning to use plywood siding for your home, the correct length panels need to be matched to the requirements of your home. The goal is to have as few horizontal joints as possible. Professional installation can help you avoid the unsightly appearance of visible joints along with moisture leaks in improperly installed joints. Because of its strength, plywood siding is sometimes applied directly to the wall studs, without the use of underlayment sheathing. Be sure to contact a reputable Maryland contractor before starting any changes to your home’s siding.

Hardboard Siding

Hardboard siding consists of manufactured wood panels. They tend to be available in more finishes and textures than plywood, but they lack plywood’s strength. On a positive note, factory-made hardboard siding is free from natural defects. The panels are stiffer and less likely to warp and bend over time. In texture and depth of wood are presented in authentic-looking wood grains and grooves. High-quality hardboard is over 50 percent denser than real wood planking, and it won’t crack, check or split. Hardboard siding can be purchased primed and ready for custom finishing options in multiple lap sheets. These can be installed quickly because the individual boards do not need to be nailed. Even factory-finished hardboard siding will probably have to be refinished eventually. 

Choosing the Best Siding for Your Home

The installation and quality of your home’s wood siding affect drainage and your home’s ability to withstand wind, water, and weather damage. We cannot overstate the importance of proper siding installation (both vinyl and wood). In order to pass inspection in Maryland, a water-resistant barrier must be properly installed before replacing the siding on your house. You will need to apply a minimum 6″ vertical overlap during the install. This barrier must be pulled tightly and properly fastened. Flashing must also be installed around all windows and doors. This must extend to the surface of the exterior wall finish or to the water-resistant barrier.  

Wood Siding Replacement With EC Roofing

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