A new roof is a big investment and it can make you wonder, “Do I need a new roof?” Roof repairs do extend the life of your roof, but at a certain point, your shingles may need to be replaced.

Shingles are one of the most vital parts of a home. It protects a home’s structure and protects it from the weather. If you need roofing services, your home is exposed to many problems you might not notice before it’s too late. a new roof showing shingle installation and replacement

New Shingle Installation

There are several signs that leave you with a resounding “Yes” when asking, do I need to think about shingle installation and replacement.

Signs that you need new roof shingles include:

  • If your shingles are cracked and worn, you might consider installing new shingles.  A good roof should last between 20 to over 30 years. Check when the original roof was installed and gather any information you can find about the warranty.
  • Ceiling water damage. Water damage tends to show itself through stains on your ceiling or walls. These spots are usually the result of a leak in your roof. You can also check your attic for daylight coming in through the roof boards.
  • Roof rot. Roof rotting occurs when water is absorbed by the shingles, all the way to the core. This typically causes mold to grow in the attic or, in more extreme cases, a sunken roof deck. Shingle installation will need to take place in order to fix this problem.
  • Shingle damage. Roof shingles are the first line of defense against the elements for your roof. Occurrences like buckling shingles, curling shingles, and even missing shingles can leave your roof open to further damage.

Benefits of a New Roof

A roof has a big responsibility to protect your home from many issues. When you need a new roof, you’ll get several benefits once it’s installed.

A new roof better protects your home from the weather. Wind, rain, hail, and snow have less effect on a roof in prime condition. 

Your family is not only protected from the elements, but also health hazards. New roofs help prevent mold and mildew accumulating and causing health problems like respiratory problems and headaches.

The cost of a new roof is easily returned by the following:

  • Increased property value and curb appeal
  • Energy efficient at regulating inside temperatures
  • Cooling and heating systems work more efficiently
  • New technologies make a roof design better equipped than those built decades ago.
  • Shingle Installation

Roofing Service Applications

We often take our roofs for granted. Roofs protect us from the elements as long as they are in good shape. Many people do not think about the damage their roof takes over time. Wind, rain, tree, and snow can all do serious damage to your roof over an extended period of time. Since your roof does not get a day off, it is constantly exposed and susceptible to damage.

If it’s been a while, you may be wondering “Do I need a new roof?” While you can check for certain levels of damage yourself, it is safer for a professional to take a look. Experts at EC Roofing & Home Services will assess any roof damage and recommend either repairs or a new roof. Contact EC Roofing & Home Services for an estimate of your roof, gutters, windows, and siding.

Our roofing and repair services in Baltimore, MD utilize the following applications:

  • Fiberglass
  • Rubber
  • Slate
  • Synthetic Slate
  • Cedar shakes

There are many more materials available depending on your preference. 

EC Roofing & Home Services

Whether you need a new roof for your current home, or you’re looking to make further updates, our team is here to help. We also provide the following services:

When you need home improvement services, we offer the best on-trend roofing materials and techniques for shingle installation. Protect your home by calling 410-455-9880 to speak with our team about an estimate. Don’t let roof damage put your home at risk.