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The gutter system is a critical component of your roofing system. It not only protects your house against structural damage, but you can also use it to harvest water. However, gutters only function well when they receive great care. You might think that scaling the side of your house with a ladder and cleaning out clogged parts or fixing loose sections is enough. Such maintenance is necessary, but it will not guarantee a long-lasting gutter system.

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What to Consider When Rearing Your Gutters

Premium quality gutters generally last for about 20 to 30 years. However, their long expectancy does not exclude them from damage. One of the essential maintenance practices you can do on your own is regular cleaning. This cleaning entails removing debris from the tunnels to prevent clogging and allow for seamless water flow.

However, you might need to repair or replace the entire gutter system. You have to know when you need to do repairs compared to the periods when you have to replace your gutters.

Consider the following aspects when considering gutter replacement in your home:


If your gutter system is nearing its life expectancy, replacing it would be wise. A majority of the parts would have experienced damage when the gutters eventually expire. Repairing will only worsen the damages because the parts are already too fragile.

Available Materials

If your system has some damaged sections and you are considering doing repairs, you should consider whether you can find the essential replacement parts. Sometimes you may find parts that match your gutter system and will function well when installed on the old parts. However, you may only discover mismatched repair parts that can hurt your home through leaks and malfunctions at other periods. Also, when you need to sell your home, mismatching parts can be a turnoff for potential buyers. Hence, doing a replacement could be a wiser option.


Your financial situation can also guide the decision to repair or replace the gutter system. Some gutter replacements and complete repair packages may fall outside your home improvement budget. However, leaking and other damaged gutter parts could have severe effects on the house, leading to even costlier repairs. A wiser option would be to repair the damaged sections until you can afford a replacement

Overall Gutter Condition

Sometimes severe damages occur due to external factors like a tree falling on the gutters. It can be unnecessary to replace the entire system when replacing a smaller damaged portion is sufficient. Also, your gutters might have neared their expectancy period but still have some life left in them.

Gutter Replacement Options

If you have decided that replacing your gutter system is a wiser option, you can choose from the various types of replacement systems in the market. Some of these types are:

Aluminum – This is one of the most common types because it is affordable and available in most hardware stores. It is also effortless to install but might get damaged easily compared to other types.

Vinyl – This type is also widely available and costs less than aluminum. However, its durability is questionable, and it may not last as long as you expect it to.

Steel – This gutter system is quite expensive but very durable. It can withstand severe weather conditions and last much longer than other types.

Copper – This is the most expensive type of gutter system but also the most durable. It will give your home an elegant look, and the beautiful color will not fade with time.

Your contractor can advise you on the best replacement option depending on the specific condition of your house and gutters.

Finding Gutter Replacement in Baltimore, MD

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A properly-functioning gutter could make a difference in your home and prevent costly maintenance. However, relying on yourself or unskilled and inexperienced individuals to handle the gutter maintenance work could be a dangerous option. Do not gamble on your precious roof and home investment. Contact EC Roofing today at 410-455-9880.