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When you look at your home, are you proud of what you see? Do you look forward to having family and friends over as you beam up at your home? Or do you dread anyone passing by your home because of its appearance? Are you noticing higher energy bills each month? If you’re ready to give your home a facelift while also improving its efficiency, you need the vinyl siding installation Howard County and surrounding residents count on. EC Roofing & Home Services offers a variety of colors and textures with our siding to create the ideal look for your home.

Why Choose Home Siding Installation in Howard County?

Vinyl siding installation allows your home to look great and perform better when it comes to energy efficiency. It acts as a barrier between your home and the outside elements. The siding creates another insulating layer to help regulate your interior temperature without breaking the bank. Vinyl siding, in particular, adds a great aesthetic appeal along with an ease in care and maintenance. The material makes it easy to clean and relatively hands-off to maintain daily. It’s also durable, which reduces the need to replace the material, ultimately saving you money.

However, in order to receive the best installation possible, you need a company you can trust. EC Roofing & Home Services is proud to provide home siding installation for homeowners in and around Howard County.

Vinyl Siding

This siding is the most widely used, affordable, aesthetic covering for your home. Vinyl siding is only as good as the protection underneath and the attention to detail used to install the products. Many different styles are available from straight board to imitation cedar shake to create the look you want. Our team is ready to help you decide which look is best for your needs.

Cement Fiber

We use cement fiber siding when we strive to create the appearance of natural wood, without the maintenance of real wood. Cement fiber siding is naturally bug, rot, and water resistant, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners. This siding comes in a range of colors and styles, with some having the option for paint.

Many More

Our team offers several other products and customized options to ensure each of our clients receives the end result they want. To learn about our full list of products, reach out to our team today.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

When deciding how to upgrade your home, don’t forget about the many advantages that you could gain from choosing, such as:

  • Long-lasting
  • Little to no maintenance neededTwo men install vinyl siding
  • Multiple colors and styles available<>
  • May improve home value
  • Affordable

First, this home siding lasts so long that most consider it a permanent upgrade to the home. The color won’t fade, and when properly installed, it can last a lifetime. If you want a solution for your home that provides a long-term investment, vinyl siding may be the answer. Secondly, you won’t need to schedule painting regularly for your home due to its longevity. In fact, because the color goes all the way through the material, even small scratches don’t show up on the siding. When installed correctly, this home siding option offers an almost maintenance-free choice for your home, saving you money and time.

Next, the colors and styles available from EC Roofing will surprise you. We have options that resemble wood boards or even cedar shakes. Additionally, we have many colors, too. Therefore, you should find the look that you want for your home. If you live in an aging home with peeling paint or faded wood, installing vinyl siding will upgrade its appearance and value. In fact, only homes of historical significance may not benefit from seeing an improvement in home values with the installation of modern home siding.

Lastly, compared to other home siding options, vinyl siding is more affordable. Plus its longevity ensures that the price you pay will give you returns for decades to come.

The Importance of Professional Vinyl Siding Installation

The most important consideration when choosing vinyl siding is not the color but the installer. Proper installation is the key to ensuring damage does not occur under or on the siding.

What most homeowners do not understand about installing home siding is the calculations involved. The siding must protect against moisture intrusion, which can lead to rot underneath. However, installers cannot simply push the siding as tightly against the walls as possible. Over time, the vinyl siding will expand. Therefore, to ensure a tight fit against your home, the installers must account for this.

Signs of poorly installed siding include moisture buildup under it and lifting panels from wind pulling it away from the wall. You won’t see these problems with EC Roofing’s professional installation, though. We have decades of experience with siding and can properly set it to your home to account for both expansion and the ideal fit.

Upgrade Your Home with Vinyl Siding

Home siding installation is only one of the many home services that we offer at EC Roofing. Whether you need a new exterior to your home or roofing repairs, contact us. Our services to upgrade the outside of your home include:

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