At one point in history, William Clark owned much of what is now modern-day Clarksville, Maryland. Originally a large farm and postal stop, Clarksville has since become one of the highest-earning counties in the United States. The average income for Clarksville far exceeds that of most of the other counties in the country. Clarksville has a long and colorful history, much of which can still be seen in the beautiful colonial architecture. 

Some of the country’s most expensive homes can be found in and around Clarksville. It should come as no surprise that property appearance is taken fairly seriously amongst the residents. If you want to update the look of your Clarksville home or business with new windows, then contact us today at 410-455-9880. EC Roofing has everything you need for professional window installation in Clarksville.

Why You Need Replacement Windows man installs a window in clarksville

Windows are one of those things that you can get away with repairing a few times before a complete replacement becomes imminent. Once it does, though, you must start planning for new windows to be installed as deteriorated windows can cost you money in the form of lost efficiency. Replacement windows improve the look of the interior and exterior of your home, but it makes for a more insulated and efficient home and improves the value of the home.

A great way to determine whether or not you need to have new windows installed is by analyzing your current windows’ state. If your current windows have any drafts or the frames seem to be deteriorating, then it is time for some new windows. Another way to tell that it is time for replacement windows is if your window isn’t functioning how it is supposed to – this can be the inability to open the window or any other function that is not working as it should be. In addition to examining the general state of the window, another thing to check for is the type of glass used in the window. If the glass only consists of a single pane, you will want to contact us to schedule a new window installation. Single-pane glass is outdated and inferior when it comes to insulation—a factor that has the potential to reduce your energy costs greatly.

Window Installation in Clarksville

If you can, you should try to plan your window installation for a mild time of the year, like fall or spring. This provides your home and our technicians with the most comfortable weather as they will both be exposed to the weather conditions during the installation. If you schedule the installation in the dead of winter or the heat of summer, your home is going to become an uncomfortable temperature between the removal of the old window and the installation of the new one.

Before our technicians arrive to install your new windows, you should always take the time to ensure that any area around the windows is clear. This goes for the inside of the home as well as the outside. The more time our guys have to spend clearing out a work area, the longer your new window installation will take. Things to clear out of the way are blinds, curtains, furniture, decorations, children’s toys, and appliances. We also offer the following services at EC Roofing:

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When it comes to window installation in Clarksville, EC Roofing has been an industry leader since 1992. Contact us today at 410-455-9880, or contact us online to schedule your free consultation and quote with one of our trained professionals. We can help determine which windows need to be replaced and which ones can get by with a simple repair. We’ll be there every step of the way – from ordering your new windows to installing them, you can count on EC Roofing.