examples of cedar shakes and shingles in Baltimore MDJust like you, numerous other homeowners look for the best ways they can add a natural outlook to their residence. You have probably heard about cedar shakes and shingles and rain gutter installation in Howard County, MD, and wondered whether they might be a great roofing idea. Their main advantages are the protection they offer to the roof against extreme weather and a bold appearance. They make your house more elegant and the charm of the neighborhood. However, you should know how they differ to be able to make an excellent roofing decision. Once you make your decision, you are able to continue with roofing services through EC Roofing.

Cedar Shakes 

Cedar shakes are thick pieces of cedar that appear rugged with some crests and troughs along with their widths. Traditionally, they were made by hand splitting from logs resulting in their rustic outlook. However, such ruggedness makes them more charming and a bolder roofing choice for your cottage. Nowadays, machines make them retain the rugged outlook but skilled handlers manage the process to ensure their quality.

The cedar shakes have gouges and imperfections that add a great aesthetic appeal to any roof. The non-uniform cedar pieces are also exceptional choices in roof investment because they have a roof life of about 30 years. However, as compared to cedar shakes, they are costlier largely due to the fact that their manufacturing process is very tasking.

Cedar Shingles

They are the smoother and thinner alternatives with a superb aesthetic appeal. The characteristic look of cedar shingles is a uniform pattern and size. This is largely due to the fact that they were traditionally split using saws. Nowadays, they are produced using machines that give them a milled and patterned outlook that gives any roof a rustic appearance.

The cedar shingles are normally a classic choice for homeowners who prefer a modernized but rustic and bold roof because they appear to be sleeker and more polished. They tend to be a cheaper alternative as well. As such, if you a looking for an economical cedar roof then shakes are a great option. They also have great durability and can last for as long as 30 years with great maintenance.

Finding Cedar Shakes and Shingles 

EC Roofing and Home Services have been a trusted roofer for more than over 30 years. Our services include new roof installation or maintenance for damaged roofs. We install and maintain all types of roofs, including the rustic cedar shakes and shingles in Howard County, MD described above. We pride ourselves in offering excellent client care and work with you to know and meet your roofing expectations.

If you are looking to install a cedar roof, having a professional do the work ensures that your investment is protected. For excellently to compliment the roof and protect your house’s walls from rainwater damage visit rain gutter installation Howard County, MD. Furthermore, your contractor needs to be available during the seasonal and annual maintenance checks to keep your roof in prime condition.

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