person cleaning leaves out of gutter showing the Importance of Rain Gutter Repair

Importance of Rain Gutter Repair

Your gutter takes a lot of abuse. Wind, rain, UV rays, and extreme temperatures all take their toll on gutters, causing wear and tear over time. As such, the importance of rain gutter repair is a crucial element in sustaining your gutter system over time. Importance of Rain Gutter Repair Whether it’s ongoing maintenance or…

man putting in Glass Window Replacement

Glass Window Replacement: Is It Time?

The benefits of glass window replacement include higher ROI, greater efficiency, more design options, and better construction. However, what you may not know is whether it is time to replace your windows or simply perform a few repairs. Like many other components in your home – your windows will let you know when it is…


COVID-19 Policy Update

It has always been our top priority to ensure a safe, comfortable, experience for our customers without any pressure. Therefore, EC Roofing is continuing our normal procedures and how we’ve always been accustomed to doing business. Customer interactions continue unimpeded by the COVID-19 pandemic as we have never had to enter your homes to speak…