Updating the windows in your home not only makes your home look nicer but dramatically increases the value and energy efficiency, which is crucial when dealing with Maryland winters. Whatever your reason for installing new windows may be, you can count on EC Roofing and Home Services to get the job done. Having been in business for over over 30 years, and we are the premier window installers for Baltimore county and the surrounding area.

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Multi-Pane Windowsmen installing a window in Baltimore county

One of the biggest problems with older homes is the widespread use of single-pane windows that the builders would commonly use. These do not offer any added protection against the outside elements and, depending on the season, allow cool or warm air to penetrate the home.

With its roots going back to 1952, the dual-pane window has become the standard and preferred type of window over the traditional single-pane glass. This has to do with the added insulation of the multi-pane glass and its ability to keep the outside air where it belongs.

Air/Argon Insulated Glass

Our multi-pane windows come insulated with either air or argon gas. While the spaces between panes are usually filled with air, we also offer windows that come insulated with argon gas, allowing for an increased efficiency rating.

Argon-filled windows are more expensive than traditional air-filled, but they serve to save you more money on your energy bill than air-filled windows will.

Low Emissivity Glass

This type of glass has a super-thin coating on it to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays that can enter your home, which can cause unwanted temperature changes. Low emissivity glass uses a transparent coat of silver or tin oxide to achieve this while at the same time not reducing the amount of light that enters the home.

Tempered Glass

All of the windows we offer are made with tempered glass. Tempering glass is a process that puts the glass under tension and compression and results in a stronger glass that is less prone to breaking. This process increases the strength of glass by up to 400%, so you can be sure you are getting a durable and long-lasting product.


Whatever the style of window you need is, we have it. A few of our window services include the following:

Projection Windows

This type of window extends slightly past the house’s exterior wall and comprises three separate pieces that fit together at varying angles.

When this type of window is set at a slight angle, it is referred to as a bow window, whereas the ones set at more intense angles are called bay windows.

This style allows more light into the house and an increased field of vision for those looking outside.

Picture Windows

This is a fixed model window designed to increase the amount of light in a home and gives the homeowner a wide picturesque view of the outside.


Like a picture window, a skylight is also a fixed model, which means you will not have the ability to open it. The main difference is that the skylight is installed in the roof rather than in the siding. This allows natural light inside throughout the day. 

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