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Having new windows installed in your home can be an expensive investment, but it is well worth it when you consider all the benefits that come along with it. At EC Roofing and Home Services, our expert installers want to ensure that you receive all the benefits of new window installation that your home needs and deserves. Reach out for a free estimate by calling 410-455-9880

Noise Reductiontwo men install a window in howard county

New windows drastically reduce the level of noise coming from the outside world, especially in high traffic and noisy areas. This is an important benefit to those with little ones at home or those who work from home and need the extra quiet.

New windows achieve this through the addition of extra panes and a better seal around the frame. This forces the outside sound waves to penetrate through more materials, dampening their intensity.

Low Maintenance

Modern-day vinyl frame windows need extraordinarily little maintenance compared to older wooden frame windows, and they cost less to have installed.

Vinyl is final – this is the saying that vinyl windows have rightfully earned within the industry. Lasting up to 30 years in the surrounding climate and never needing to be repainted or sealed, they are the obvious choice over high-maintenance and high-cost wooden windows.

Improve the Look and Value of Your Home

One of the easiest and most immediate ways to improve your home’s general look and overall value is to have new windows installed and offers several great benefits:

  • When vinyl windows first started being made, they were generally only offered in tan and white, but with modern-day vinyl coming in a wide range of colors, you can be sure that you can find one that matches and improves the look of your home.
  • Apart from the great looks, new windows can greatly increase the overall value of your home. With an estimated return on investment or ROI, being in the range of 75-85%, it is not only well worth the investment, but it offers a much higher return than most other home improvement projects.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest financial benefits of installing new windows is the increase in energy efficiency. Our expert installers ensure that your new double or triple-paned windows have an airtight seal to prevent the outside air from coming in and the inside air from going out.

Having new windows put in your home can save you hundreds of dollars every year on your energy costs, and with the life expectancy of modern-day vinyl windows, you can be confident that they will pay for themselves in the long run.

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